PMG How it Works – Spinks Insider

I received the ‘Spinks Insider’ magazine in the post. Fantastic information regarding Coins, Stamps. Banknotes, Whiskies and even Handbags!! For me the PMG article on pages 73-75 provided a wealth of information on how this works and that it is indeed a grading service that provides accurate and independent certification services to paper money collectors…. Read more »

Value My Collection

Sometimes people find old banknotes in a deceased relative’s house, under the bed or hidden in an old box. What do you do with these? Old Bank notes can be worth a fortune or the banknotes can be worth nothing. All depends upon rarity and quality. There is a need to value the banknotes so… Read more »

My Local Auction House

Last Friday night I took a peep at the Lots on offer at the local Auctioneers. Most times it is a cursory glance as banknotes rarely appear but Lots 1 and 2 ‘jumped out’ at me. Lot 1 was a box of ‘Banknotes of the World’ in their own folders. 128 of them in all…. Read more »

Operation Bernhard – WW2 Banknote Forgeries

In 1942, SS Major Bernhard Kruger selected Jewish prisoners at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp to produce forged British Bank of England banknotes to finance German Intelligence Operations. The notes were produced until 1945 when the operation was moved to another camp. The Jewish prisoners who produced them survived the war when liberated at Ebensee Concentration Camp…. Read more »

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, Leicester City Chairman

Born in Perth I am a St Johnstone supporter to my bones. I have lived in Leicester for many years and am a season ticket holder and watch all the LCFC home games. Last night we drew 1 – 1 with West Ham in an exciting game. It has been overshadowed by the apparent death… Read more »

Debden Sets

Debden Sets are all limited editions of GB notes, sometimes produced with coins, gold, silver and cupro-nickel. Prices vary from £50 to around £2,000. The editions with accompanying crowns (some being gold) are very rare indeed. For some time there was a debate as to the veracity of the ‘first and last’ issues and there… Read more »

All too much

When Iook a the latest Spinks and DNW catalogues I realise how many notes I wish I could buy. The Treasury notes, the Provincials, the White notes and the parchment Mahons….how wonderful they are. I wish I was a millionaire, able to buy the lot! However, it is a case of being selective and picking… Read more »

St Johnstone FC

Some may love Tai Chi, Feng Shui, Hill Walking, Art, Cruises on ships, Climbing K2, my attachment to St Johnstone goes back over 60 years to the days of youth. I remember standing on the terracing at the old Muirton Park, cheering on the Saints as they trounced Rangers, Celtic and Dundee!! (the defeats are… Read more »

1822 Bank of Scotland Mail

This is a lovely wrapper from 1822 – addressed to the Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh. There is a mileage mark (578) and various cancellations which mark the route….via North Berwick and Haddington. The North Berwick mark with SO (Sub Office) in an oval is quite rare. It is worth £25 and was bought at… Read more »