What is the Value of This Banknote Collection?

If you come into possession of a banknote collection of British or World banknotes, do contact me regarding a valuation and/or what to do with the notes. If I cannot assist directly I have contacts who will assist and who will NOT rip you off!

Banknotes and Christmas

I wish all readers a very Happy Christmas. In the coming year I hope to continue to offer good prices for the British banknotes. If you have noes for sale or collections to be valued, just let me know. I shall be talking to a number of Women’s Institutes this coming year – should be… Read more »

The 1000000 Banknote Appears Again

The Beale B271 is a note I sold last year. It ended up in a London Auction and was bought by a collector or dealer. It appeared a few days ago at another auction so I bought it back again. Pam West has this listed in her million pound serial numbers. It is a great… Read more »


I have catalogued my collection on to a spreadsheet. My daughter has opened to me the vista of Excel which has helped to collate the notes into some order. I have found notes I had thought had ‘disappeared’ so this has been an added bonus.

Value and Buy a Collection

I bought a collection of Kentfield B377 £50 notes recently. They were stated to be UNC but the grading was EF to AUNC, most being EF. I will always give an honest opinion on any notes or collections. Banknotes may be worth a great deal or simply the face value. Always feel free to email… Read more »

Buying, Selling and Valuations

Over the past weeks I have had a lot of enquiries about banknotes. Some collections have been offered and bought and others declined. A number of people have asked about a single note from a relative’s possessions. Whatever you may have, feel free to contact me. I shall always give an opinion on the value… Read more »

Ian McKay – British Banknote Collector and Seller

Ten years ago I never imagined I would have my own web site and be selling banknotes. It all shows that collecting banknotes is a dangerous business. I started with postcards and stamps but moved into banknotes and still remain a collector as well as a seller. I recently acquired a Somerset B343a in UNC… Read more »

British Banknote Errors Coming Soon

I bought a small collection today. Four major banknote errors including a UNC Somerset £5 B343a. These notes are now becoming very hard to find so keep your eyes peeled. Errors have a very strong appeal and I think the other three errors are all different and very collectible….should be listed early next week. Keep… Read more »

Are Old Pound Notes Worth Anything?

I have had several enquiries these past few days regarding banknotes, most found in a deceased relative’s estate. The truth is that most of the notes are tatty, well-used and not worth very much at all. However, a couple of collections were in very good nick and a couple were 1st Runs, Replacement Notes and… Read more »

You Tube British Banknote Seller

The You Tube video came on stream a few days ago and with just over 100 ‘hits’ I am pleased. So far so good. Dip in to the collection and enjoy notes from early Treasury to the new polymers.