You Tube

You Tube is live for British Banknote Seller….a five minute presentation. Hope you like it. If not, show it to babies and they might sleep better to the sound of my voice.

B310 Fforde Complete Set First and Last Runs – Alert

Next week I shall be listing a complete set of the Fforde B310 with First and Last Runs. Prefixes A01N, B01N, C01N, D01N and D38N….a brilliant collection…..keep your eyes open towards the middle of September in the ‘Recently Added’ box.

Lowther banknotes

Over the coming days I shall be listing around 25 Lowther banknotes, most in UNC/AUNC grade. I am clearing out stock so these will be offered at a very competitive price, below the EPM value. Keep your eyes open for the £5, £10 and £20 Lowther banknotes. Look in the ‘Recently Added’ on the Home… Read more »

You Tube is Coming

I have had a film made of me speaking about banknotes. It last about three minutes and will be uploaded soon on to You Tube. It will be accessed also via the front page of the site. This is the early notice…..hope it will be good.

Guernsey Overprints and Praise of Pam West

I have taken possession of three Guernsey overprints, a Mahon B212A, a Catterns B225A and a Peppiatt B239A. The Mahon and Catterns are extremely rare banknotes. Pam West on her website outlines the serial numbers and prefixes for all known overprints. It is the most remarkable research done by her and the others she mentions…. Read more »

Operation Bernhard

I have a number of these Operation Bernhard notes in stock. They are all attractive and are going up in price steadily. Now is a good time to buy as prices will continue to rise. For me the £50 notes are so appealing and I think for the GB collector an Operation Bernhard note puts… Read more »

Collection of White £5 – 10 notes

I have just taken possession of a collection of ten white £5 notes: Peppiatts, Beale and one O’Brien. All are AUNC except one which is GEF. The notes are wonderful, top quality . So look out for the AUNCs in the B241, B255, B264, B270 and B275. These are the finest of English banknotes. Superb.

Buying Banknotes at Auctions

Off to a banknote auction today where a good number of collections and single notes are on offer. I set rules for myself. See the notes in the warehouse and decide on a maximum bid. I never go above my set limit. Experience tells me that a rare note will always turn up again somewhere… Read more »

Dubrovnik, Game of Thrones, Bagpipes and Banknotes

Last week in Dubrovnik the crowds of people visiting the Old city each day were enormous. It was packed with Game of Thrones addicts, Cruise Ship passengers by the thousands and visitors like myself. There was hardly space to move at times. In the Rector’s Palace, in an art gallery there was no one but… Read more »

Electric Bikes and Banknotes

I bought an electric bike last week. After many weeks of visiting our local e-bike shop I purchases the bike which so far, has surpassed all expectations. Going up hills is now a joy! Sometimes, buying a banknote is a process that takes time to reach a decision to buy. The price of a rarer… Read more »