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Knee and Banknote Replacements. My Wife, Son and Daughter

On Monday I had a knee replacement. It came about at short notice due to a cancellation. Suffice to say. it is a bit more painful than losing out on a Replacement note at auction. Also, the kindness of my family is worth more than a UNC white note. In fact it is beyond price…. Read more »

WW2 German Propaganda Banknotes: Peppiatt £1 Forgeries

During WW2 thousands of forged £1 Peppiatt banknotes were dropped over North Africa with Arabic on the reverse. The aim was to tell the local population that the British Empire was in decline and that both empire and currency would fail. Each note had the same serial number: H86D 729630. Few of these remain and… Read more »

Value My Collection of Scottish and English Banknotes

I was asked to value a collection recently. A box had been found when clearing a deceased relative’s house. In the box were a few dozen white notes. I was asked if they were worth anything. My advice  after some more information was provided – contact a major auction House as the notes are worth… Read more »

Peppiatts B249 Banknotes – Coming Soon

I have bought a number of B249 notes. They are said to be UNC, so I hope to have delivery today. Keep your eyes open. Included are a number of Fforde Replacement Notes which look to be Fine to VF. Although not high grades, they will be good spacefillers….keep looking.

£20 Bank of Scotland BA 92f (VF) Last Run 1/G 2088

This note is coming soon. How rare is this one and in VF grade as well. Very few of these are recorded as unredeemed and also, this note is the very last run of the larger notes. It is, in the words of Alan Hansen, ‘Phenomenal’! In the Paper Money of Scotland Vol 1 page… Read more »

£50 Somerset B352 – High Grades

Tomorrow, I take delivery of 13 x £50 notes – B352. I am told these Somerset notes are in high grades, possibly AUNC. I shall be listing them at the  lowest price possible, so keep an eye out for them. All have ‘A17’ as the prefix.

£100 North of Scotland (1940) and Bank of Scotland £20 (1932)

I have bought two notes – the £100 North of Scotland is very rare indeed as is the £20 BoS note which is the very last run of the large sized notes. It is exceedingly rare. Two fantastic notes for the Scottish collector. These will be listed soon so keep your eyes open. Also coming… Read more »

2nd Lovat Scouts – ‘E’ Squadron – 1914

I have a T8, 10/- note which has annotations by a trooper from the 2nd Lovats when stationed in Huntingdon in October 1914, a few weeks after the beginning of WW1. The note may be tatty but the history of the note cannot be anything but unique – fantastic item for the military banknote specialist… Read more »

£1 Bradbury T16a – Deep Pockets Needed

I have a T16a, Admiralty Anchor Note, listed. Alas, the note is not mine but that of fellow IBNS member who wants to sell it. If I had deep pockets it would be mine! Such a rare and wonderful banknote, a Holy Grail note for sure.