£1 Somerset B341 – 70 Notes (GEF/AUNC) DY19, DY20, DY21 (Last Run with 9 Notes)


This is a fantastic collection of 70 notes in GEF/AUNC grade. Nine Last run notes DY21 873573-6 and DY21 873581-5. Nineteen notes – DY19 873994-895-902 and DY19 873984-994. There are Forty Two notes DY20 873683-694 and DY20 873595 – 624.

The notes are graded GEF/AUNC. There are a couple of light ‘dents’ on the left which are from storage and two notes have light flicks. I mention to be exact. This is a brilliant collection that would sell well on ebay. The retail value is around £380+ so this is a very good offer.

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