10/- Bradbury T8 (AF) T17 012857 – Reverse – 2nd Lovat Scouts 1914 Huntingdon: Trooper John…..?


How rare is this. The note has been signed by a trooper from the  2nd Lovat (Special) Scouts, ‘E’ Squadron, based in Huntingdon. The trooper’s name is unclear but his first name is ‘John’. There are other annotations on the note. This article gives  details of the Lovats, all men from the West Highlands of Scotland. I can confirm that they were stationed in Huntingdon  in October 1914 before being shipped off to Gallipoli. This is a rare WW1 banknote and its history is extraordinary. This is a MUST for anyone with an interest in Scottish  and WW1 military history. The note is AF – clear damage and tape repair on reverse but a wonderful note in so many ways.

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