£5 Hollom B297 – Forty Notes Mixed Grades AF to VF -Clearout of Stock


This is a stock clearout of £5 notes in mixed grade. The majority are AF. About ten are VF and others are Fine. Twenty of the notes have some annotation and one note is quite torn. The notes are being offered at around £9 each, including postage. This is an ideal E-bay Lot to be broken up into single notes. A good number, twenty nine notes, have ‘A’ prefixes. I see on E-bay a seller with notes that are annotated, offering them at £15 each, plus postage. In truth, the notes will take time to shift and they are being sold off at the price I paid for them an less, when postage is included. It is a good offer. The profit margin will not be huge, around a couple of pounds on each note, but the First Series is always a bit more valuable.

In stock