Miners Bank Truro 177* – Unissued Sight Note with ‘GR’ Watermark (Outing 2209) – VERY Rare


This is very rare. It is an unissued Sight note. (Akin to a cheque) Outing 2209 lists the details of the Miner’s Bank in Truro which was founded in 1759. The bank did NOT issue any banknotes until after 1803. This Sight Note is dated 177*. From 1759-1774 and from 1774-1782 the signatories on the notes did change. This unissued note is exceedingly rare and over the years I have NEVER seen one from this bank. I have a number of Truro notes in my own collection but this item is just amazing and I wonder how it survived for over 240 years! There is a watermark in the paper on the bottom middle area: ‘GR’. The King in the 1770s was George the Third. Such a note would be listed for around £200 – £300 at auction.

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