Sudan 1884 – 2500 Piastres (Pick S109) with Tito Figari Stamp on Reverse (Rarer Type)


This is from the 1884 siege of Khartoum by the forces of the Mahdi. The siege lasted ten months and General Gordon (Pasha Gordon) died during the conflict. Gordon issued his own notes to keep the economy moving during the siege. He promised the notes would be redeemed once the siege was over. The first notes were signed personally but then the signature was a hectograph, a stamp from the original signature. The stamp on the reverse is from the barrister Tito Figari in Cairo. This is an amazing and historical note and links the owner to a famous episode in history. Thee are quite rare now. The top right ‘white spot’ is just a reflection of light – the note is in superb condition.

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