£5 RBS (RB101) July 14th – Jack Nicklaus Commemorative Slabbed Note (UNC) JWN1594327 – Very Rare


This is very rare, a slabbed Nicklaus note in its original box. Around 6000 were planned to be produced, to be presented to special guests at St Andrews on the occasion of Nicklaus’ final appearance at a British Open. Problems in the production of the slab meant that nearly half were discarded before slabbing and a good number of the slabbed notes were opened and the £5 used as currency. They were free gifts, and hardly any survive in the original box. I have seen one other slabbed note  and it was damaged on a corner after being used as a paperweight. There are plenty of Nicklaus notes around and in the paper folders but a slabbed note is VERY rare indeed. This is a ‘Holy Grail’ offer. Free UK postage.

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