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£50 2006 Bank of Scotland SC161d (UNC) AC 500097 - Low Serial Number

£50 2006 Bank of Scotland SC161d (UNC) AC 500097 - Low Serial Number

The beauty of the higher value Scottish notes cannot be gainsaid. This 2006 Bank of Scotland banknote (Ref in new Paper Money of Scotland is BA 125d) is graded as UNC and has a very low serial number and is rare as thus. What a wonderful note for the Scottish collector. The increasing rarity of the higher value notes makes Scottish notes so attractive for the collector and this is a top quality banknote to grace a collection.

Alba gu brath. Aon latha neoeisimmeileach agus an-asgaidh!

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British banknotes, paper money, has a long history dating back to 1695, the year after the founding of the Bank of England. Over the centuries, banknotes have developed in face value even though for most people until 1914, banknotes were rarely seen or used.

It was after the outbreak of WW1 banknotes were produced with lower values, 10/- and £1. These are ‘Treasury Notes’, signed by the Chief Cashier of the Bank of England, John Bradbury. ‘Bradburys’ and ‘Warren Fisher’ notes are very collectible. Some notes are rare and of great value. Collectors of British banknotes are attracted by their design, rarity, currency history and can be seen as an investment.

For most, it is a hobby focussing upon a particular aspect such as Treasury Notes, White £5s, Replacement notes, Experimental notes, Errors, Low serial numbers, Debdens, First and Last runs. Amongst the British and World banknotes on offer here, I hope you will find banknotes to enhance your collection. Have a look at the Provincial Notes (English) on offer.

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