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10/- Mahon B210 First Run (GEF) A01 488756

10/- Mahon B210 First Run (GEF) A01 488756

This is a very rare First Run. The B210 is the first note in the Britannia Series and is the inaugural print run of these notes. This is a very sought-after banknote and in this grade, eminently collectible. I describe this as a 'Holy Grail' note, one of the banknotes collectors of English notes seek to include in their collections. It is on offer at a very competitive price. if you have notes to sell, to discuss or to ask questions about, do contact me directly by phone or by email. Even if it is a single note you have found I will always do my best to advise. Every person who phones me or makes contact by email will receive the same service. It is always a pleasure to help and advise. The website has a great selection of notes and there are some great banknotes on the way as well, so keep looking at the 'Recently Added' on the Home Page.

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British banknotes, paper money, has a long history dating back to 1695, the year after the founding of the Bank of England. Over the centuries, banknotes have developed in face value even though for most people until 1914, banknotes were rarely seen or used.

It was after the outbreak of WW1 banknotes were produced with lower values, 10/- and £1. These are ‘Treasury Notes’, signed by the Chief Cashier of the Bank of England, John Bradbury. ‘Bradburys’ and ‘Warren Fisher’ notes are very collectible. Some notes are rare and of great value. Collectors of British banknotes are attracted by their design, rarity, currency history and can be seen also as an investment.

For most, it is an interest, focussing upon a particular area such as Treasury Notes, White Banknotes, Replacement Notes, Experimental Notes, Errors, Low serial numbers, Debdens, First and Last runs. Amongst the British and World banknotes on offer here, I hope you will find banknotes to enhance your collection. Have a look also at the Provincial Notes on offer.

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