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£10 Kentfield B369 First Run (GEF/AUNC) DD01 002012 – Low Serial Number

£10 Kentfield B369 First Run (GEF/AUNC) DD01 002012 – Low Serial Number

The banknote collector develops his/her particular area of interest over the years. I have a liking for First and Last Runs as well as Replacement banknotes. Added to this, Debden Sets and Promotional Notes I find very attractive. Prices at auction for all these notes are going up especially those in higher grades with many selling at and above the 'book' price. The above Kentfield £10 banknote, the B369, is a First Run with a low serial number. It is a quality note that is affordable and will not break the bank. This is the kind of note any new collector would be wise to collect as it is quality, it is a banknote of value and one that will increase in value. All in all, this banknote will be a welcome addition to any GB collection. If you have banknotes to sell, to value or to discuss, do contact me directly by phone or email. I am always delighted to receive enquiries. A recent banknote that was thought to be worth nothing was in fact worth just shy of £2000 and will be auctioned soon by Spinks. You never know!

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British banknotes, paper money, has a long history dating back to 1695, the year after the founding of the Bank of England. Over the centuries, banknotes have developed in face value even though for most people until 1914, banknotes were rarely seen or used.

It was after the outbreak of WW1 banknotes were produced with lower values, 10/- and £1. These are ‘Treasury Notes’, signed by the Chief Cashier of the Bank of England, John Bradbury. ‘Bradburys’ and ‘Warren Fisher’ notes are very collectible. Some notes are rare and of great value. Collectors of British banknotes are attracted by their design, rarity, currency history and can be seen also as an investment.

For most, it is an interest, focussing upon a particular area such as Treasury Notes, White Banknotes, Replacement Notes, Experimental Notes, Errors, Low serial numbers, Debdens, First and Last runs. Amongst the British and World banknotes on offer here, I hope you will find banknotes to enhance your collection. Have a look also at the Provincial Notes on offer.

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