Value My Banknotes – How Much Are These Notes Worth?

Today, Leicester City beat Manchester City 5 – 2. All but the die-hard Leicester City followers (myself included) would have been surprised at this result. Life has some surprises for sure. If you do have banknotes and are not sure how much they are worth, do contact me and I shall always do my best… Read more »

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

This is a post not related in the slightest to banknotes. This woman has endured five years in prison and home detention in Iran. She is a political pawn and her suffering along with that of her husband and child is an utter injustice. Her plight cannot be allowed to disappear now when there is… Read more »

The ‘Villainous’ Scottish Cashier Who Robbed His Own Bank

I have listed a banknote from the East Lothian Bank (1810-1822). The bank collapsed when the cashier, William Borthwick absconded to America with £21,000 in the bank’s notes. Interestingly, all the noteholders and creditors lost nothing  as all the losses were borne by the other partners in the bank. Not all Scottish bankers were honest!… Read more »

Promotional Banknotes – de la Rue

I have bought a collection of de la Rue Promotional Notes including two sets of the ‘Energy Innovation’ booklets which have the four renewable energy notes inside in sealed units (like PMG grading). These are utterly brilliant. The recent Bonham auction showed the huge interest in these Promotional notes, so keep your eyes open for… Read more »

The Scottish banknote that was ‘Cash in the Attic’

Two weeks ago I was contacted by someone who had a British Linen Company banknote from 1885. It was in a frame and had been in the family’s possession for many years. The note looked faded and of no great value but after some research it is found to be worth around £1500-£1800. I suggested… Read more »

Bank of Scotland 1995 – Full Set from £5 to £100

I have bought a wonderful full set of Scottish notes, the Bank of Scotland 1995 collection – £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100. They are in a very high grade so these will be superb. Rare collection like this is a must for the Scottish enthusiast….keep your eyes peeled. They should be with me at… Read more »

Banknote Errors

I have listed another banknote error, a B332 £5 Page note. This is a very rare banknote indeed and a superb error to add to the British collection. I have other errors listed, so have a browse through waht is on offer…check ‘Banknote Variations’ on the Home Page.

Coming Soon: Bradburys and First Runs

Next week I shall take delivery of a T12.1 and T12.2, both in GF grade. There will be several First Runs  Runs, Fforde, Page and Somerset. The other note of interest will be a Page £5 with no serial numbers at all….a very rare note indeed. Keep the eyes peeled.

Buy and Sell Scottish Banknotes

I have a number of Scottish notes coming through for sale over the coming days. Keep your eye on ‘Recently Added’ from the Home Page. Some rare ones and others at bargain prices.