2nd Lovat Scouts – ‘E’ Squadron – 1914

I have a T8, 10/- note which has annotations by a trooper from the 2nd Lovats when stationed in Huntingdon in October 1914, a few weeks after the beginning of WW1. The note may be tatty but the history of the note cannot be anything but unique – fantastic item for the military banknote specialist… Read more »

£1 Bradbury T16a – Deep Pockets Needed

I have a T16a, Admiralty Anchor Note, listed. Alas, the note is not mine but that of fellow IBNS member who wants to sell it. If I had deep pockets it would be mine! Such a rare and wonderful banknote, a Holy Grail note for sure.

The £20 Sarah John Polymers – Am I Converted??

Collecting Paper Money has been my interest for a number of years and to a great extent I have eschewed the new polymers, both Scottish and English. However, I bought some £20 Sarah John AA01 polymers a few weeks ago in UNC grade. They look brilliant. Such wonderful designs and for the first time I… Read more »

First Run B377 and B378 – Coming Soon

I have bought two First Run notes in UNC grade. The B377 (A01) is an outstanding note but the B378 Experimental issues (A99) is very rare indeed. I have seen this note sell for nearly double the book value and indeed I paid above the EPM price for the one that will be listed soon…. Read more »

Grading Banknotes – the Eternal Issue

The grading of notes continues to be an issue of concern for me. I know there are those who like the ‘assurance’ of PMG grading and indeed, I have several PMG notes. However, the AUNC grading puzzles me on some notes as I can see clearly a middle crease and some staining on the reverse…. Read more »

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in Iran

My thoughts and prayers are for Nazanin who is being used as political pawn and bargaining ‘chip’. Her mental health is fragile and it is to be hoped that she will be freed soon to return to the UK to be re-united with her husband and daughter. The sales of banknotes pale into utter insignificance… Read more »

Value My Banknotes: Grade My Banknotes – Not Severely

I returned some notes to an Auction House as I was dissatisfied with the grading given to the banknotes. One note was accepted as being over-graded but not the others. It was suggested my grading may be ‘too severe’. I have re-read the IBNS guidelines and agree  I may be a bit severe on grading,… Read more »

Grading Banknotes, Valuation of Banknotes, Selling Banknotes

Recent purchases have seen some grading issues. I have bought notes purported to be in near ‘mint’ condition only to discover they are VF at best. Even an Auction House has sold some notes in grades below those advertised. I try to ensure my grades, valuation and selling price are as accurate and fair as… Read more »

Auction Sales – Pensees

Recent auction sales have seen notes selling at ‘book price’. Treasury notes selling very strongly: Operation Bernhard going way above estimates to an incredible amount, and First and Last Run notes also proving strong. There are no bargains any more and it has to be the case that banknotes  will continue to go up in… Read more »