Framed Scottish Banknote, Advice and Spinks

I was contacted last year regarding a Scottish banknote (the British Linen Company) that was in a frame. Was it worth anything? After checking ‘Paper Money of Scotland’ my advice was to contact Arnas Savickas at Spinks. The note was sold recently at Spinks for just shy of £2,000. I am delighted this worked out… Read more »

Scottish Banknotes Carry a Health Warning

I am due for the vaccine this coming Saturday. Good news indeed. Scottish banknotes are very ‘addictive’ as they are so varied, well designed, carry great history and the high value notes in particular, are so appealing. Once hooked on Scottish notes, there is no ‘cure’!!!!

English and Scottish Banknotes Arriving Soon

During the coming days  I have some brilliant banknotes  coming my way – lots of UNC £5 notes from the later Cashiers, Kentfield, Lowther, Salmon. Also some £100 Scottish notes including a BoS Specimen £100. A Somerset £50 with a low serial number is also due so there will be some cracking listings over the… Read more »

World Banknotes for Sale

Years ago I bought some world banknotes at auction. They have been in a folder for some years and they are not my area of interest. Jersey, France, Sri Lanka, Italy. Have a peek.

When Does Collecting Banknotes Become More Than a Hobby?

Collecting banknotes can be a passing interest or as time goes on, an all-consuming hobby. After some years of buying banknotes for my own collection, a turning point was attending  a banknote auction in Warwick. The variety of notes, the ability to view the notes beforehand and the ‘thrill’ of the auction somehow got me… Read more »

The Hovering Kestrel and British Banknotes

Today, my wife and I were in awe of a kestrel that hovered a few metres above us as we walked near a small wood. Almost still for a minute it was an amazing sight and then it dived and disappeared from view. Sometimes we can ‘hover’ over a banknote, wondering whether to buy or… Read more »

Covid-19 and British Banknotes

The restrictions placed upon so many millions in the UK cannot but add to the stress and pressures upon families, those living alone and people with mental health issues. It is a most difficult time for all in our country. While collecting banknotes will not cure any illness or inhibit the march of a virus,… Read more »

British Banknotes – A Dealer? A Collector? A Seller? A Hobby?

I like collecting English and Scottish banknotes. The turning point was attending a banknote auction and realising what a brilliant interest this is, shared by several others.. I started selling surplus and had the website built so over the past two years it has developed. I don’t look upon my self as ‘dealer’ but perhaps… Read more »

Excessive Commission on the Sale of Banknotes

The hammer price may be £100. Then add on commission, VAT and postage. The final price can be substantially more. It seems most Auction Houses are charging around 20% – 25% to buyers. Seller premiums are more negotiable. However, at a recent General Auction I bought some banknote Lots and found the commission was 33%,… Read more »