Dubrovnik, Game of Thrones, Bagpipes and Banknotes

Last week in Dubrovnik the crowds of people visiting the Old city each day were enormous. It was packed with Game of Thrones addicts, Cruise Ship passengers by the thousands and visitors like myself. There was hardly space to move at times. In the Rector’s Palace, in an art gallery there was no one but… Read more »

Electric Bikes and Banknotes

I bought an electric bike last week. After many weeks of visiting our local e-bike shop I purchases the bike which so far, has surpassed all expectations. Going up hills is now a joy! Sometimes, buying a banknote is a process that takes time to reach a decision to buy. The price of a rarer… Read more »

Hull, Hell and Halifax!

I bought a lovely Branch banknote last week- a B241c Peppiatt in VF grading. The Hull note is priced at £1600 in the EPM so is quite a rare one. It is on offer at a very competitive price and would be a great addition to any collection. Instead of Hull Hell and Halifax, it… Read more »

Value my British Banknotes

I receive emails regularly, asking for an opinion on the value of a British bank note. More often than not the banknote has little value but from time to time a real gem comes along much to the surprise of the enquirer. A good Replacement note, an Experimental, a rarer 1st Run or an Error… Read more »

Banknotes and a Close Shave

Today I went for a haircut and a shave. Not far from  home is an Asian Barber from Gujerat in India. Living in Leicester I went to evening classes to learn Gujerati, at least to have some ability to converse beyond ‘Kemcho’. On the last two visits I decided to treat myself to a shave… Read more »

Leicester City v Bournemouth in Style

I am being entertained today by a friend who is celebrating his 73rd birthday at the King Power Stadium. The occasion is being marked by twelve of us sharing his day with a ‘Hospitality Package’ which includes a meal, the match and nibbles after the game. Fantastic. My celebration today is also the fact I… Read more »

I Wish I was a Millionaire

The recent DNW auction of British and Irish notes offered an amazing array of notes. The early cashiers, Nairne, May, Bowen , Newland….wonderful notes. Also, some great Treasury notes along with superb Replacements and First Runs. Such a fantastic catalogue to behold. I wish I could have bought the lot but alas, such fantasies exist… Read more »

1574 – Paper Money Siege of Leyden

I sold a ‘Marshale Hole’ note to a buyer in the USA. The note is a small card that was used during the Boer War in Matabeleland and authorised for use by Marshal Hole. The buyer is an authority on the use and creation of currency during sieges. The first use of paper money (instead… Read more »

I fell for a Banknote Scam

I received an order from the USA and the invoice told me a Bank Transfer was being completed. I posted the note (worth £363) by tracking mail as normal. I checked the bank account later only to find no money had come through. I emailed the buyer. ‘Emma Rose’ in New York only to find… Read more »

Value my British Banknotes

I am asked by many people to give a value to individual banknotes or collections. Quite often a collection can be ‘run of the mill’ with little value but sometimes a rarer replacement banknote, a first run or a Treasury banknote can be found amongst the collection. Please feel free to contact me to value… Read more »