British Banknotes: Scottish and English Notes in the Monastery

A few miles from my home is the Monastery of Mount St Bernard’s. My wife and I visit regularly as the grounds are so beautiful and the church is an oasis of calm and peace. Whether one is a believer or an atheist the appeal of the monastery manages to attract all kinds of people. The Trappsit beer is one reason for the bikers to come but today I saw two of the bikers, long-haired, denim clad and Harley Davidson men, sitting quietly in the Abbey church. For several minutes they were still and then got up to leave, lighting a candle before they exited. The calm of the monastery may not be available to you but by opening an album of banknotes and browsing through can be a source of peace and happiness. Perhaps it might also stir the soul to fill a gap or add a wanted note to the collection. Have a browse through what is on offer.