Rishi Sunak, Homeless People, British Banknotes and Auctions

I see that some politicians believe being homelss is a ‘lifestyle choice’. Outide all the major stores in my area and in town, the number of people begging and sleeping rough is a shame on our government. I speak to many of them and have found ex BBC script writers, teachers, ex-military, many whose relationships have ended and also refugees from war torn countries. I have met Home Carers who work but cannot afford to pay rent. When you hear their stories the myth about ‘lifestyle choice’ evaporates. Politicians who are paid a decent salary and leaving Parlaiment for well remunerated positions have not a clue about the ‘underclass’ who exist in our country. It is an utter shame to hear Rishi Sunak expound his belief the economy is on the up and that tax cuts will benefit us all. A man such as him, with all the wealth he possesses, has not a clue about the poor, beyond photo opportunities serving food to the homeless at Christmas and then jumping into his 4×4 or helicopter for another photo shoot. What has all this to do with banknotes? Nothig at all!  But, do have a look at my banknotes. They are priced keenly and many ar the same price you would pay at auction.