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Coming Soon B277 – First and Last Run

Next week I shall be listing the rare A01 and the E37 B277 £5 notes. These are very rare indeed so keep your eyes open for them and other notes….some really good additions coming soon.

Coming Soon – £5 Page B324 – 30H Last Series (Rare)

I have bought five banknotes of the rare B324 Last Series. They will be arriving tomorrow. All are stated to be AUNC or GEF. Time will tell on the grades, but for sure, they will be priced keenly. Keep your eyes peeled.

£1 Catterns B225A Guernsey Overprint – L51 325543 is Coming Soon

A very rare Guernsey Overprint from WW2 is coming soon. Only sixty nine of these are recorded  and known to exist. They are diamonds in coal dust, so this note is one to watch out for as hardly any ever come up for sale. I cannot see any listed with major dealers and sellers. Keep… Read more »

Coming Soon: Operation Bernhard, Treasury Notes and Scotland

I have three Operation Bernhard notes coming soon. Two are £50 notes, really decent ones. I have some Treasury notes on the way as well. They look good. Also, I have several Scottish notes lined up as well so keep looking at the new arrivals towards the end of the week. Good notes.

Coming Soon: T33 Warren Fisher UNC Banknote

I have bought an uncirculated T33 Last Series banknote. it should arrive shortly to be listed later this week. It is rare ineed to find a Treasury note in this grade. I see a similar note listed at £800 by one of the main UK dealers. My note will be priced some way shy of… Read more »