The 1000000 Banknote Appears Again

The Beale B271 is a note I sold last year. It ended up in a London Auction and was bought by a collector or dealer. It appeared a few days ago at another auction so I bought it back again. Pam West has this listed in her million pound serial numbers. It is a great… Read more »


I have catalogued my collection on to a spreadsheet. My daughter has opened to me the vista of Excel which has helped to collate the notes into some order. I have found notes I had thought had ‘disappeared’ so this has been an added bonus.

Value and Buy a Collection

I bought a collection of Kentfield B377 £50 notes recently. They were stated to be UNC but the grading was EF to AUNC, most being EF. I will always give an honest opinion on any notes or collections. Banknotes may be worth a great deal or simply the face value. Always feel free to email… Read more »

Buying, Selling and Valuations

Over the past weeks I have had a lot of enquiries about banknotes. Some collections have been offered and bought and others declined. A number of people have asked about a single note from a relative’s possessions. Whatever you may have, feel free to contact me. I shall always give an opinion on the value… Read more »

Ian McKay – British Banknote Collector and Seller

Ten years ago I never imagined I would have my own web site and be selling banknotes. It all shows that collecting banknotes is a dangerous business. I started with postcards and stamps but moved into banknotes and still remain a collector as well as a seller. I recently acquired a Somerset B343a in UNC… Read more »

British Banknote Errors Coming Soon

I bought a small collection today. Four major banknote errors including a UNC Somerset £5 B343a. These notes are now becoming very hard to find so keep your eyes peeled. Errors have a very strong appeal and I think the other three errors are all different and very collectible….should be listed early next week. Keep… Read more »

Are Old Pound Notes Worth Anything?

I have had several enquiries these past few days regarding banknotes, most found in a deceased relative’s estate. The truth is that most of the notes are tatty, well-used and not worth very much at all. However, a couple of collections were in very good nick and a couple were 1st Runs, Replacement Notes and… Read more »

You Tube British Banknote Seller

The You Tube video came on stream a few days ago and with just over 100 ‘hits’ I am pleased. So far so good. Dip in to the collection and enjoy notes from early Treasury to the new polymers.

You Tube

You Tube is live for British Banknote Seller….a five minute presentation. Hope you like it. If not, show it to babies and they might sleep better to the sound of my voice.

B310 Fforde Complete Set First and Last Runs – Alert

Next week I shall be listing a complete set of the Fforde B310 with First and Last Runs. Prefixes A01N, B01N, C01N, D01N and D38N….a brilliant collection…..keep your eyes open towards the middle of September in the ‘Recently Added’ box.