Where Have the Banknotes Gone?

It seems at auctions there are very few banknotes being listed for sale. The supply seems to have dried up during the pandemic? If you have any spare notes…English and/or Scottish, do contact me.

Banknotes Valued and Bought

I have bought a Warren Fisher T24 and a Fforde B313 Replacement Note. These were bought through private sales via the website. They will be listed soon along with some other notes. Both notes look to be in quite high grade (I hope so) so keep your eyes peeled from Wednesday onwards as I hope… Read more »

Value my Banknotes

Every few days I am asked to value banknotes or requested to advise what can done with notes that are part of an estate. I have helped people to realise the price of some notes, the best one being a Linen Banking Company note that was worth £2,000. This was exceptional. I am always willing… Read more »

Coming Soon – Forty Bailey (B405) £20 Notes

I hope to buy a collection of Bailey £20 notes. Although there are no First or Last Runs there appear to be some Column Sorts  (AL Prefix) so it could be a really good collection to be offered at very competitive prices. Watch the ‘Recently Added’ over the coming days.

De La Rue Promotional Notes

I have some lovely and quite rare Promotional Notes for sale. The Energetic Innovation notes are wonderful. They are available with and without the original brochure. The printing features of our banknotes of use are trialled in these notes. The design is a work of art and at auction, these notes sell very well.  Have… Read more »

Framed Scottish Banknote, Advice and Spinks

I was contacted last year regarding a Scottish banknote (the British Linen Company) that was in a frame. Was it worth anything? After checking ‘Paper Money of Scotland’ my advice was to contact Arnas Savickas at Spinks. The note was sold recently at Spinks for just shy of £2,000. I am delighted this worked out… Read more »

Scottish Banknotes Carry a Health Warning

I am due for the vaccine this coming Saturday. Good news indeed. Scottish banknotes are very ‘addictive’ as they are so varied, well designed, carry great history and the high value notes in particular, are so appealing. Once hooked on Scottish notes, there is no ‘cure’!!!!

English and Scottish Banknotes Arriving Soon

During the coming days  I have some brilliant banknotes  coming my way – lots of UNC £5 notes from the later Cashiers, Kentfield, Lowther, Salmon. Also some £100 Scottish notes including a BoS Specimen £100. A Somerset £50 with a low serial number is also due so there will be some cracking listings over the… Read more »

World Banknotes for Sale

Years ago I bought some world banknotes at auction. They have been in a folder for some years and they are not my area of interest. Jersey, France, Sri Lanka, Italy. Have a peek.

When Does Collecting Banknotes Become More Than a Hobby?

Collecting banknotes can be a passing interest or as time goes on, an all-consuming hobby. After some years of buying banknotes for my own collection, a turning point was attending  a banknote auction in Warwick. The variety of notes, the ability to view the notes beforehand and the ‘thrill’ of the auction somehow got me… Read more »