Who Can Value These Banknotes?

I am able to give a good opinion on the prices and values of English and Scottish notes. There is an increasing interest in banknotes but many people have no idea what they are worth. Contact me and I’ll advise accordingly. Even if it’s a tatty note, do contact me as I shall always give… Read more »

Don’t Forget the Debdens

There are a number of quality Debden Banknote Sets on offer. They are all priced some way below the Book Value (EPM) so it is worth having a browse through at what is on offer. There is a great selection to cater for most tastes.

Value my Banknotes: Ockham’s Razor Applied

If you don’t know….ask. Simple advice and the best.¬† The principle of Ockham’s Razor points out that the simplest answer is more often than not correct one. It gives precedence to simplicity. If you have no idea¬† what your banknotes are worth, seek to have them valued. I am always happy to do this –… Read more »

Debdens Listed

I have listed four Debden Sets: C100, C102, C104, C113….all priced way below the EPM value. Have a peek at them. So many Debden Sets have been broken up to sell the notes singly….they are such superb Limited Editions.

Debden Notes Coming Soon

During the coming days I shall be offering a number of Debden Sets, the C100, C102, C104 and C113. These are utterly superb and rare Presentation Folders with brilliant serial numbers. They will be offered at prices below those of other sellers. I have looked at the prices on E-bay and for sure, my prices… Read more »

Covid-19 and British Banknotes, Scottish and English

Self isolation must be very frustrating for so many people of all ages. On the plus side, it gives a bit of time to browse through the banknotes on my website. With a cup of tea to hand, take your time to peruse what is on offer. There is a good variety of Scottish and… Read more »

How Much Are My Banknotes Worth?

If in doubt ask someone who knows…..me! No enquiry is too trivial or a waste of time. I do enjoy hearing how some notes have come into a person’s possession and the family history which can be the backdrop. I am only a phone call and/or an email away. I would be delighted to offer… Read more »

Where Can I Buy or Sell Old Banknotes?

You can buy from Ebay which is the most popular site. Delcampe is another. However, my site offers the personal service that the ‘Big Hitters’ cannot offer. I will always respond to enquires to buy, sell, value, give an opinion on British Banknotes. My prices are also hard to beat so look no further than… Read more »

Value My Banknotes – How Much Are These Notes Worth?

Today, Leicester City beat Manchester City 5 – 2. All but the die-hard Leicester City followers (myself included) would have been surprised at this result. Life has some surprises for sure. If you do have banknotes and are not sure how much they are worth, do contact me and I shall always do my best… Read more »