The Appeal of Banknotes, Their Value and Snooker

I watched professional snooker for the first time. The main ‘star’ was Judd Trump who won and moved into the Final. Around me were people from Belgium, the Netherlands and UK spectators from Manchester and Swansea, all come to Leicester for the snooker. I enjoyed the experience and was amazed at the skill exhibited. A… Read more »

British Banknotes Valuations and The Flock of Waxwings

For the past few days there has been an ‘invasion’ of waxwings, just down the road and round the corner from my house. The street abounds with Rowan trees and the berries are being feasted upon by a large flock of waxwings, all the way from Scandinavia! The twitchers of Leicestershire have gathered in large… Read more »

What is the Value of my Banknotes? English and Scottish Banknotes.

If you don’t know, then do ask the question(s). I am always happy to offer advice on banknotes that come into people’s possession through probate, lifting floorboards, in suitcases under the bed when a relative has died. I will always give a fair valuation and where and when possible, a valuation. The condition of note… Read more »

Which British Banknotes? Value Banknotes and Sell Banknotes

Today, I was in the Warwick and Warwick warehouse today, looking at the notes coming up for auction this week. As always, I whittled down my wish list to around twenty Lots. There are a number of collections which are always best seen in person to go through the gradings. Choosing¬† which notes to bid… Read more »

Operation Bernhard and the White Banknotes

There is a good variety of the Operation Bernhard notes listed for sale. I think most people know how these notes were printed in Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp during WW2 under the direction of Major Bernhard Kruger….hence the ‘Bernhard’ banknotes. The notes are now very much in demand and at auctions they sell well at fairly… Read more »

Scottish Banknotes – Clydesdale Bank Specimen Notes Coming Soon

The morning light shines through the crypt window in Lastingham, an ancient monastic site of the early Celtic Church. It is one of the most beautiful historical sites. I have a collection coming soon. It comprises of a dozen Specimen banknotes of the Clydesdale Bank. These all will illuminate any Scottish collection with some of… Read more »

British Banknote Collections – All Hands to the Pump

In Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, the old village pump still stands, although its use is now ornamental rather than functional. Years ago it supplied water for households and animals and was essential to village life. The banknote collection needs to be ‘pumped’ every so often. It’s good to sort out notes that are of no great… Read more »

Banknotes, British and Scottish – Things of Beauty

I am keen on bird-watching with three friends who are excellent spotters and so knowledgeable. Some bids do have the ‘Wow’ factor. For me, raptors have a special appeal along with jays, bullfinches and goldfinches. Some months ago we saw an osprey fly over the water, and catch a fish in its talons before flying… Read more »

St Johnstone FC and British Banknotes – New Beginnings

I have supported St Johnstone FC since childhood. The only Football league team with the letter ‘J’ in its name! The ‘old’ stadium was Muirton Park which fell into disrepair as the club’s fortunes declined like a Stock Market crash. Thankfully, Asda bought the land and built a new stadium (McDiarmaid Park) where the club’s… Read more »