Collecting Banknotes: Hobby or a Business or Both

I have been collecting banknotes for several years. There are fellow collectors, especially members of the IBNS, who are far more knowledgeable than I in this area. At IBNS Chapter Meetings I am amazed at the wide variety of interest each person has. World notes, Errors, Concentration Camp money, Specimen Notes, are but a small… Read more »

British Banknotes – Kentfield Gems – Pass on the News

I am listing some wonderful and rare Kentfield banknotes, mainly First and Last Runs. These are rarer notes and very collectible indeed. Whisper the news…..Kentfield notes on offer! English banknotes of the highest quality. Whether collecting banknotes is a hobby or a business, these notes are for you. It is really great to have an… Read more »

The White Swan (An Eala Bhan) and Banknotes

During WW1, at the Battle of the Somme, the Scots Gaelic poet, Domhnall Ruadh Coruna wrote  his famous poem ‘An Eala Bhan’ to his sweetheart in North Uist. The beauty of the poem is very popular in my Gaelic culture. The White Swan flying above the bloody battlefield reminded him of his fair haired love… Read more »

The Birds Flock to the Feeder Restaurant

Our Squirrel-Proof bird feeder is attracting huge numbers of birds each day. Blue and Great Tits abound as do Robins, but Green Woodpeckers also are seen in the ‘traffic’. Finding a good place to eat makes you come back for more. I hope the website is a good ‘feeder’ for banknote enquiries….something here for everyone… Read more »

Grading Banknotes and Being Economical with the Truth!

In Perth many years ago, my English teacher spoke to my class about our work having ‘Terminological Inexactitudes’ which meant we were making mistakes. He was so polite. Today, I received notes from a recent auction. The grading of three notes is way off the mark and the descriptions given for each note contained terminological… Read more »

I found my Wedding Ring – ‘My Precious’!!!!!

A few weeks ago I noticed my wedding ring had ‘disappeared’ from my finger. Searching was in vain – so I thought it had gone forever. The ring is from the Hebrides (Scottish gold) and was such a beautiful Celtic design, the same as my wife’s ring. Tonight, I found it inside the fleece of… Read more »

Testimonials Feature

The builders of my website have added a ‘Testimonials’ feature. If you buy a note from me then if you want to express an opinion about the note and the sale, please do so. Hopefully, the testimonials will be positive but if not, I shall publish any that express dissatisfaction. Hopefully, these will be few….if… Read more »

Coming Soon B277 – First and Last Run

Next week I shall be listing the rare A01 and the E37 B277 £5 notes. These are very rare indeed so keep your eyes open for them and other notes….some really good additions coming soon.

John Neale – Ebay’s Dolfinred1 – RIP

I met John may times at Warwick and Warwick auctions. He was a collector of world notes and coins. He was so knowledgeable and a very kind man with an eye for a bargain. Three years ago he bought a bag of copper coins at the auction, basically sold as ‘junk’. He had spotted at… Read more »