Coming Soon: Bradburys and First Runs

Next week I shall take delivery of a T12.1 and T12.2, both in GF grade. There will be several First Runs  Runs, Fforde, Page and Somerset. The other note of interest will be a Page £5 with no serial numbers at all….a very rare note indeed. Keep the eyes peeled.

Buy and Sell Scottish Banknotes

I have a number of Scottish notes coming through for sale over the coming days. Keep your eye on ‘Recently Added’ from the Home Page. Some rare ones and others at bargain prices.

Is there a £100 Banknote in the UK?

Yes, Three Scottish banks issue £100 notes. The RBS, The Bank of Scotland, The Clydesdale Bank issue these notes. However, there are no new £100 polymer notes, as yet. The Bank of England did issue £100 notes but ceased after WW2 due to forgeries. The highest value note in England is £50. I have a… Read more »

Bank of Scotland £100 notes

I have just taken possession of six Bank of Scotland £100 notes. They are all GVF grades and decent notes for the collection. The recent auctions indicate these Scottish banknotes are very strong in demand and they are on offer at a very good price. Have a peek.

Bankote Sellers, Banknote Dealers, Banknote Buyers

Banknotes have an appeal for buyers, sellers and dealers. Banknote sellers are key to this interest and for me, the great benefit of the website is the number of people asking me to value collections, single English and/or Scottish banknotes. Banknotes are so interesting and I hope you will feel free to contact me to… Read more »

Peppiatts, the Forgotten B249 and B251 Banknotes

When I first started collecting banknotes, the B249s and B251s were popular notes at auctions but in recent times they seem to have dropped down the ‘pecking order’ in popularity. Perhaps this is a good time to take advantage of this and buy these notes as they are sure to come back in demand. The… Read more »

Leap Year Banknote: 29th February 1952

I have just listed a Leap year banknote – a white Beale £5 note (B270) It is a Leap Year note from February 29th 1952, and very rare as such. Well worth a peep and for anyone with this birthday, a wonderful gift for sure!

Collecting British Banknotes is Brilliant

Sometimes when I take possession of a lovely uncirculated banknote I tell my family that the note is utterly wonderful. Most times my enthusiasm is met with a glazed look of bewilderment. How can any banknote be ‘brilliant’? It is hard to explain why banknotes have such an appeal  but for those who love the… Read more »

£100 Scottish Banknotes

The high value Scottish banknotes are so appealing. I have listed a number of Bank of Scotland £100 notes and a BoS £20 note. There is a lovely £100 RBS listed as well. At recent auctions the prices of these notes have sold way above estimates, so have a look at the notes on offer….excellent… Read more »

Scottish Banknotes

I have completed an audit of the Scottish notes and have to tell you the selection and variety is of the highest quality and variety. From a few £££s to over £2000, there are notes for everyone who has an interest in Scottish Banking. From £1 note to the superb £100 notes, there is something… Read more »