British Banknotes and Rishi Sunak – What is the Choice?

I worked in Mental Health for forty years as well as some time in the mining industry. Although retired, I still sit on Tribunals and try to do what is right under the law for those detained under the Mental Health Act. I have watched several of Rishi Sunak’s performances at interviews and he peresents to me as someone who cannot understand why people do not like him or the Government he leads. He has an almost delusional belief he is leading a Party that cares for the poor, the marginalised and the NHS and Social Care. There is an incredulity that people cannot see how wonderful he is. His reality is out of kilter, in my opinion. Banknotes do not pretend to be something they are not. They come in grades, with various values but for me they are more enjoyable and offer more interest thatn the spoutings of a man who seems devoid of understanding how much his Party is out of touch with most people’s lives, unless of course, they are rich cronies. Salva nos ab istis insipientibus!