Invasion of the Treasury Note Snatchers

The Auction today amazed me. I had my eye on a number of Treasury notes but they sold above book price and some notes that were, pressed, washed, trimmed, soldl at big prices. Who is paying the money for these notes?? Is it an alien force invading and ‘swallowing up’ all Treasury notes or someone… Read more »

Provincial Banknotes – English Banking History

Banknote collectors may focus on the more modern notes, from Bradbury onwards but all of us need to give a nod to the past. Englsih Banking history was so vibrant during the late 18th and 19th Centuries. So many banks sprang up, developed, died, were aborbed into larger banks and the banknotes produced have become… Read more »

Coming Soon: Provincial Notes and a B210 – First Run

In a few days I shall be listing some of my Provincial Notes, around five of them. They will be priced keenly so have a close look when they come up on offer. Also, in the next few days I shall take delivery of a high grade Mahon B210 – A01 – First Run. It… Read more »

England, Disappointment and Hope – No Negative Waves

In ‘Kelly’s Heroes’ Donald Sutherland is a ‘Hippie’ Tank Driver. He tells people not to give him ‘Negative Waves’. England lost the Final but it was a brilliant game and such tough luck on three young players. They deserve support and thanks for all their efforts and not ‘Negative Waves’. I say this as a… Read more »

Cheques and Balances

I have listed twelve cheques, one from 1813. The popularity of cheques is now very strong and some of of the notes listed are quite rare. Amongst the Provincial Notes there is a ‘Sight Note’ from the Truro Moners’ Bank  (dating to the 1770s) which is similar and rare indeed. Have a browse of these… Read more »

Always Check the ‘Big’ Banknote Dealers for Selling Prices

I always compare my prices to those of the major dealers such as Pam West and Simon Narbeth. Pam West is the one is responsible for me developing an interest in banknotes when I came across ‘English Paper Money’. Brilliant book. I suggest when spending serious money to always look at the prices offered by… Read more »

Treasury Banknotes: Bradbury and Warren Fisher

The Treasury banknotes are always great additions to the collection. The quality of these notes varies from ‘rags’ to superb high grades. Have a browse of my Treasury notes where there is a wide selection of notes and prices.

England v Scotland in the Euros – Bannockburn 1314!

One of the greatest battles in Britain was at Bannockburn in 1314. The date and history is known to all Scots. Robert the Bruce triumphed – say no more. Wembley is a long way from Bannockburn but the Scottish heart longs for a victory on Friday evening. If Scotland lose then we have the consolation… Read more »

Somerset £10 Notes Coming Soon

I have around twenty Somerset £10 notes coming soon. all are stated to be AUNC. They will be listed at very competitive prices so keep your eyes open for them…the ‘Recently Added’ feature on the Home Page is a good port of call for the latest arrivals.

Scotland, Euros 2020 and British Banknotes

Scotland are in the Euros, the first major competition for many years. I still remember the hope when Ally McCleod was the National Team manger, but the hope foundered on the shores of disappointments. Perhaps this year we can make progress to the last sixteen. Hope still blooms. Perhaps it’s time to look at the… Read more »