Fforde Banknotes – Some Very Rare

Some Fforde banknotes are worth but a couple of £s each. There are others that are very rare and collectible. The B302, B307, B307 notes, for example, have rare First and Last Runs….have a browse through these and other notes for sale…Fforde notes are some of the best around.

Banknotes – As rare as Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees Mog

Last night at table we discussed where the above had ‘disappeared’ to? No sign, sound, sight of Farage of Mogg anywhere. They have disappeared into the vapours, the miasma! Some banknotes are also hard to find, such as Branch White notes. I have some lovely ones that have not disappeared: B209a, B215f, B228e, B241c. Have… Read more »

Honest Banknote Dealers and Sellers: Bank of England Videos

The bank of England has several You Tube videos on the printing process and security features of the new polymer notes. They are worth a look. There are so many ‘Error’ notes being sold on websites and the reality is that they are forgeries: missing letters, words and holograms, are ‘doctored’. AVOID them and don’t… Read more »

Banknote Dealers and Banknote Buyers near me

The internet means that a banknote dealer is no more than a Google search away! No need to travel far to find a dealer and a seller of notes. Ebay has thousands of sellers. However, it is important to find notes of quality and value so make British Banknote Seller a ‘favourite’ on the laptop,… Read more »

Catterns £5 Liverpool Branch Note: Mahon £5 Manchester Branch Note

I am about to take possession of these two banknotes – both rare Branch notes, B228e and B215f. I hope to list them during the coming days…great notes for the GB banknote seller. Good value. As a banknote seller (banknote dealer?) there are some notes that are utterly outstanding. These two tick the boxes.

B241 First Series Numbers at the Beginning plus 10/ Notes

I have bought a small collection of GB bankotes. The B241 is the First Series with the Prefix 367/J All the other B241 notes except the First Series have the Letters before the number in the Prefix. It is a very rare note – good price. Also have some keenly priced 10/- Catterns, Peppiatt and… Read more »

£20 Bank of England Polymer Forgeries and ‘Errors’

Ebay has a lot of new £20 polymers with missing words, missing holograms, uniface notes and so on. These are 99.9% forgeries, the notes being ‘doctored’. I am told the printing of the new notes involves several processes and the notes are scanned after each process to avoid errors. Avoid these notes until you hear… Read more »

Falkland Islands Banknotes

I have listed three lovely banknotes. One is the rarer £5 note from 1960. To find, type in ‘Falkland Islands’ in the Search box or go to ‘World Banknotes’ and then click on South America….have a peep. Good value.

Value My English Banknotes

I have listed some lovely 10/- notes and a superb B275 in GEF/UNC grade. If you have notes you want valued or need an opinion, do contact me. What is the value of my banknotes? Just ask me and I shall do my best to advise. A British Banknote collection or a single note….no matter… Read more »