British Banknotes – Value my Collection

Every day over the past few weeks I have been asked to give a valuation on single notes, small collections and one large one. A few notes have been bought but others were of no value’ The important thing is to ask. It is never a bother and where possible I will try not only… Read more »

British Banknotes and Road Rage

Today, I was driving on the M69 and witnessed a number of road rage incidents where drivers were using their cars almost as weapons to intimidate other drivers. The high speed and dangerous driving is such a lethal combination that so easily can wreck lives forever in a matter of seconds. I find it hard… Read more »

Slabbed Banknotes: How do you Like the Grading?

I have a number of slabbed notes listed and recently I sent some notes from my own collection for a PMG grading. To be frank, I have done this to see how my grading compares with what comes back from PMG. Grading is key to the value of a note and for sure, I never… Read more »

Enjoy the Thrill of Life – Buy a British Banknote!

Ideas of enjoyment are ‘sui generis’. Each person has his/her particular interests and ideas of what constitutes pleasure and enjoyment. For the banknote collector, the thrill of having bought a superb uncirculated First Run/Last Run banknote is something hard to put into words. On my site there are a good number of high quality notes… Read more »

Debden Sets on the Way

I am buying a collection of Debden Sets. For a long time, the Debdens were out of favour but now they are very strong. So few of them remain intact as the majority were broken up to have the notes sold singly. From next Tuesday they will be listed on the site  so keep your… Read more »

Arrival of a Banknote Collection – What are they worth?

I am taking delivery of a collection on Monday. Hopefully, it w3ill be worth the money paid. It’s not easy to grade notes from photos but I think these will be decent. There are some lovely Treasury Notes including a T1, T3, T11, T12 and a T16. If you find any banknotes in a cupboard,… Read more »

Banknotes, English and Scottish – What are These Notes Worth?

De Omnibus Dubitandum – All thinks must be questioned. This was one of the maxims of Philosophy which I remember from my degree course many years ago. Philosophy and Metaphysics was a bit tough for me but over the years I have come to appreciate much of what seemed pointless as a student. Banknotes are… Read more »

Old Banknotes – What are They Worth?

Banknotes are found in drawers, under the bed, in a deceased person’s Estate. When they are found it is right to ask if they have any value? If you have any British Banknotes, English and/or Scottish, then do contact me and I shall be delighted to help and if possible to make an offer to… Read more »

Ceanothus, Bees and British Banknotes

The Ceanothus in our garden attracts an endless army of bees and today, the noise of the bees was very audible as they went about their business. Some trees and shrubs attract pollinators such as poppies, wisteria and cornflowers. A banknote collector is also on the lookout for more notes to build up and expand… Read more »

Scottish and English Banknotes and The Tay Bridge

A recent visit to Scotland saw me on one side of the Tay Bridge, stretching out into the mist with Newport on Tay on the other side of the estuary, barely peeping through the miasma. Sometimes it’s good to check a collection, to make sure all is in order and to note the gaps that… Read more »