The Homeless Before our Eyes, the Government and Banknotes

I live in Leicester, a long way from my native land of the Outer Hebrides. Yesterday, I met a friend at the Railway Station and from there walked into the town centre. On the the half mile journey we passed eight people begging along the main street into town. My friend who lives in a village in Gloucestershire was amazed, asking why so many seemed to be homeless. So, we stopped and asked a random person who was begging for their story. In a nutshell, the person’s partner had died and the one begging could not cope with the loss and, without the income of the partner, missed the payment of bills reaching the stage of an eviction. Only one hostel caters for homeless adults so the  person ended up on the streets where life is very precarious. When I see the corruption in our country  and the fortunes made by putative ‘friends’ of those holding power, I cannot but think our country deserves better than this. The divide between the ‘Haves’ and ‘Have Nots’ is wider than ever. There is an underclass in our society, growing larger by the day. How unjust it all is. Banknotes need a home so have a look at the site and peruse what is on offer.