British Banknotes, Liz Truss and Delusions

Liz Truss has defended her policies that caused the collapse of confidence in the British economy and the UK’s Financial Management. She still thinks cutting taxes, raising the retirement age and reducing Benefits is what is required for the well-being of the economy and the country. I wonder if she would say this to the two hundred people who use my local Foodbank? These people struggle to pay bills, to survive, and most of them are in employment! Sometimes I think politicians live in a world that is delusional, having little understanding of how those who are poor and/or working class live their lives. Politicians exist in a privileged life-style. It seems to me very few really care for those who live on the margins and who struggle to pay bills and feed their children. I almost despair when I hear Liz Truss spout her beliefs. To my mind it is utter tosh. A old banknote may appear to be worth a lot but in fact is worth little but if in doubt, always ask. I shall be delighted to advice.