Banknote Scams and Lies of Politicians

The Conservative Party Conference seemed to me a gathering of delusional adults who I used to deal with on Psychiatric Wards for many years. Meat Taxes, Restrictions on how often people can go to the shops and other fantasy statements. Suella Braverman talking of ‘Hurricanes’ of migrants going to flood our country. Utter rubbish and nasty at the same time. We talk of Putin’s lies and in truth, we cannot point at anyone. Shame on these people. I was scammed last week. A buyer had purchased several small value notes over a period of months and asked if I could post before payment. He always paid when the notes arrived at the PO Box number. He put in a big order of high value notes which I posted prior to payment but no  money has arrived. His phone number no longer operates and the PO Box is no longer in use. What a fool I have been!