British Banknotes – Selling Up and New Beginnings

I have been collecting British Banknotes for twelve years years. Previously, it was postcards but banknotes have developed into something quite big. I have loved collecting, starting up the website and selling, making lots of contacts and some friends over the years.  Next year it will come to an end. I have decided the time has come to sell up. I shall sell the whole collection through an Auction House. I am now seventy tree and retired a few years ago to spend more time with my wife and to share more time together, enjoying our travels. Bus Pass Pensioners! The banknote business, sitting on Mental Health Tribunals and Church work, have made me more busy that I ever wanted to be so all these activities will be cut back. Hopefully, I shall the health to enjoy some more years ahead. I am targeting late Spring as the time to call it a day.