Rare Apples and Banknotes

I have two allotments, one is an orchard that was planted in 1945, at the end of WW2. I inherited it when in a state of dereliction and neglect but after years of careful pruning, manuring and TLC, it produces a bumpter harvest most years. Some apples such as Ellison Orange and Crispin, never appear… Read more »

St Johnstone FC and British Banknote Seller

As a native of Perth, Scotland, I was brought up to support St Johnstone, our local team. Over the years we have seen some bad times as well as really wonderful occasions. We have won the Scottish Cup twice and the Leaugue Cup in the past few years. We punch above our weight in many… Read more »

Charles Dickens, Pickwick Papers and Provincial Notes

I have listed a £1 Bristol Bullion Bank note. The Bankruptcy stamp was effected at the Bush Tavern in Bristol. This innn is mentioned in The Pickwick papers in Chaprer 38. It’s great to have a note linked in some small way with Charles Dickens. Provincial Notes are fascinating, offering a social, as well as… Read more »

Grading of Banknotes – Being Pedantic and Precise

I won notes at recent Banknote AUctions. Most were graded correctly but three Lots were graded poorly. The worst was a AUNC being VF at best. How this slipped through I do not know. I try hard to be precise in my grading so that buyers can be confident that a note is exactly as… Read more »

Coming Soon: Operation Bernhard, Treasury Notes and Scotland

I have three Operation Bernhard notes coming soon. Two are £50 notes, really decent ones. I have some Treasury notes on the way as well. They look good. Also, I have several Scottish notes lined up as well so keep looking at the new arrivals towards the end of the week. Good notes.

Coming Soon: T33 Warren Fisher UNC Banknote

I have bought an uncirculated T33 Last Series banknote. it should arrive shortly to be listed later this week. It is rare ineed to find a Treasury note in this grade. I see a similar note listed at £800 by one of the main UK dealers. My note will be priced some way shy of… Read more »

Lowther Notes and the B397 ‘Holy Grail’

I have added a number of Lowther notes recently. The stand out note is the B397 Experimental note in UNC grade. This is a rare one, espcially in this grade. This is a ‘Holy Grail’ banknote, and is offered at a very keen price.

The White English Banknotes

The collector of English notes will always seek to have a varied collection of notes and I think there is no doubt the addition of white notes to any collection is a sure sign of the strength in a collection. I have added a few more white notes, including Branch ones, so have a peek… Read more »