A New Banknote Dealer Arises

Here is a new website…https://www.ukbanknotecollector.com/ The seller has been a collector and is selling off stock at good prices so have a look at what is on offer. It is always good for all buyers to have a wide choice and to shop around for the best prices.

British Banknotes First Runs and a Debden

In a few days I shall list some great notes: B281, B283, B285 O’Brien First Runs. Also two pairs of ‘slip and stick’ notes will be listed. A superb and rarer Debden Set, the C112, with both £20 notes with the same serial number. Few of these sets remain with most ‘broken up’ to sell… Read more »

Buy and Sell Debden Sets

I bought two notes from Debden Sets that have been broken up. They were ‘partnered’ with gold crowns but the hike in the price of precious metal led the set to be dismantled. Debden Sets remain fantastic items with dedicated and limited edition serial numbers (all UNC) and they are for me, wonderful banknotes as… Read more »

British Banknote Dealers and British Banknote Sellers

There are lots of sellers of British banknotes on Ebay. There is so much ‘junk’ and ridiculous prices eg £700 asking price for a £5 polymer AK47 prefix! A good Banknote Dealer will offer prices that are fair, not silly, with sound grading of notes which is the key factor for most collectors. Poor grading… Read more »

Bank of Scotland £100 Banknotes

A few days ago I bought some £100 Bank of Scotland notes. They had been in a safe for over 15 years and just came to light almost by chance. I shall be listing a few of them in the near future, so keep your eyes open…look at the ‘Recently Added’ on the Home Page.

Serial Number 000001

This is limbo dancer of banknotes: the lowest number in a series: 000001. I have listed this B320 Page note W02H 000001 and it sure is a belter of a note and one to really stand out in any collection…Rare! Rare ! Rare!

Scottish Banknotes – Specimens and Boxed

During the coming days I shall be taking delivery of two small collections of Scottish notes. One has three specimen notes in UNC grade and the other is a collection of Nicklaus and Diamond Jubilee notes in the original presentation boxes. There are now very rare and hard to find. Few survive as most were… Read more »

Where can I sell old banknotes?

A very common question. You can have your banknotes valued and sold by specialist Auction Houses. You will have to pay commission on sales and this can vary from around 10% to 25%. You can sell your banknotes to a private seller like myself where there is no commission and no hidden charges. I specialise… Read more »