Banknotes – Beginnings, Middles and Ends.

When starting a collection it is good to collect a decent amount of mid-range notes. As the collection develops there are more Firsts and Lasts as well as some Treasury notes. Then there comes a time when you look at the collection(s) and you are amazed at how it has grown and developed. The website… Read more »

British Banknotes – Selling Up and New Beginnings

I have been collecting British Banknotes for twelve years years. Previously, it was postcards but banknotes have developed into something quite big. I have loved collecting, starting up the website and selling, making lots of contacts and some friends over the years.  Next year it will come to an end. I have decided the time… Read more »

Scottish Lochs and British Banknotes

The mountains and lochs of Scotland are manifold. So many small lochs abound in the Highland and Islands and I recall as a boy I would fish with friends during the day to provide our family evening meal of brown trout. Those days seem nigh idyllic in today’s ravaged world where so much conflict abounds…. Read more »

Banknote Scams and Lies of Politicians

The Conservative Party Conference seemed to me a gathering of delusional adults who I used to deal with on Psychiatric Wards for many years. Meat Taxes, Restrictions on how often people can go to the shops and other fantasy statements. Suella Braverman talking of ‘Hurricanes’ of migrants going to flood our country. Utter rubbish and… Read more »

Beware of Forgeries – British Banknotes Can be Trouble

I attended my local IBNS Chapter Meeting on Saturday. There were stories of a number of forgeries appearing in circulation. There are Scottish £20 notes that are quite prevalent as well as some £50 Polymers. Also, the putative ‘Errors’ in new Polymers are invariably doctored notes by the use of acetone. I saw one on… Read more »

My Post Office and British Banknotes: Dodgy!

This is my nearest Post Office. I cycle over the railway bridge and enter a different world. A Chippy, Convenience Store on either side. Two Drug Dealers who sell ‘weed’ and God knows what else are invariably  standing near the PO doing a decent trade. However, all  items posted here get through without the aid… Read more »

The Homeless Before our Eyes, the Government and Banknotes

I live in Leicester, a long way from my native land of the Outer Hebrides. Yesterday, I met a friend at the Railway Station and from there walked into the town centre. On the the half mile journey we passed eight people begging along the main street into town. My friend who lives in a… Read more »

British Banknotes, Liz Truss and Delusions

Liz Truss has defended her policies that caused the collapse of confidence in the British economy and the UK’s Financial Management. She still thinks cutting taxes, raising the retirement age and reducing Benefits is what is required for the well-being of the economy and the country. I wonder if she would say this to the… Read more »