British Banknotes Valuations and The Flock of Waxwings

For the past few days there has been an ‘invasion’ of waxwings, just down the road and round the corner from my house. The street abounds with Rowan trees and the berries are being feasted upon by a large flock of waxwings, all the way from Scandinavia! The twitchers of Leicestershire have gathered in large numbers each day, some loaded down with the latest kit in photography and others like myself, armed with the binoculars. The waxwings are incredibly beautiful birds, and worth the time to view them so close in their superb colours. A banknote collection is always something to look at closely every few months. Filling the gaps, improving the grades, these are the things we ponder about as we look to improve the quality of the collection. Like the waxwings, a banknote collection of quality is a beautiful sight.