British Banknotes, Coventry Cathedral and the 15th Century

In Coventry Cathedral some 15th Century stained glass was rescued from the bombing during 1940 devastating air raid that razed most of the cathedral to the ground. This image of the part face of a man I found fascinating. Who was he? Was he one of the workers who build the cathedral? Was he one of the monks? We shall never know. The mystery makes it all the more interesting, at least to me. Banknotes may seem a mystery to many people. What is the attraction? Why collect them? Each person is sui generis and has their own answer. I love the history, the design, the pleasure of having rarer notes and of being able to build a collection. For me it’s been so enjoyable but alas, my wife’s eyes glaze over when if show her a rare First Run that I have been pursuing for many a day. This keeps me grounded for sure.