Author: Ian Mckay

British Banknotes and the Tomb of Richard 3rd in Leicester Cathedral

In the heat of battle at Bosworth, Richard 3rd cried out, ‘My kingdom for a horse’! Alas, no horse came and he suffered death, his body taken back to Leicester and buried in haste before being ‘discovered’ a few years ago and re-buried in the current cathedral. A banknote collection seems a long was from… Read more »

British Banknotes, Coventry Cathedral and the 15th Century

In Coventry Cathedral some 15th Century stained glass was rescued from the bombing during 1940 devastating air raid that razed most of the cathedral to the ground. This image of the part face of a man I found fascinating. Who was he? Was he one of the workers who build the cathedral? Was he one… Read more »

British Banknotes and Leicester City

We are Season Ticket holders for Leicester City. My son travels to several away matches each year and yesterday he joined the ‘Foxes Faithful’ at Stoke where Leicester won 5 – 0. He came back charged up and thrilled with the result. Promotion may now be on the horizon. Every few months I travel to… Read more »

Are These Banknotes of Any Value and Metaphysics

Many years ago I studied Metaphysics and Philosophy at University at UKC. At the time, I think I spent too much time in the Students’ Union and in protest. It was a very different time in our history. One thing I remember being taught was the maxim, ‘De Omnibus Dubitandum’, which is ‘All things must… Read more »

Value my Banknotes: Grading Banknotes: Auction House Disappointment

I bought several Lots at recent auctions. Both were run by major Auction Houses who have sound reputations for offering better quality notes. Two of the Lots I bought were graded very badly. One was bought as ‘VF’ but all the notes were AF at best. The other Lot was four EF notes but again,… Read more »

The Appeal of Banknotes, Their Value and Snooker

I watched professional snooker for the first time. The main ‘star’ was Judd Trump who won and moved into the Final. Around me were people from Belgium, the Netherlands and UK spectators from Manchester and Swansea, all come to Leicester for the snooker. I enjoyed the experience and was amazed at the skill exhibited. A… Read more »

British Banknotes Valuations and The Flock of Waxwings

For the past few days there has been an ‘invasion’ of waxwings, just down the road and round the corner from my house. The street abounds with Rowan trees and the berries are being feasted upon by a large flock of waxwings, all the way from Scandinavia! The twitchers of Leicestershire have gathered in large… Read more »

What is the Value of my Banknotes? English and Scottish Banknotes.

If you don’t know, then do ask the question(s). I am always happy to offer advice on banknotes that come into people’s possession through probate, lifting floorboards, in suitcases under the bed when a relative has died. I will always give a fair valuation and where and when possible, a valuation. The condition of note… Read more »

Which British Banknotes? Value Banknotes and Sell Banknotes

Today, I was in the Warwick and Warwick warehouse today, looking at the notes coming up for auction this week. As always, I whittled down my wish list to around twenty Lots. There are a number of collections which are always best seen in person to go through the gradings. Choosing  which notes to bid… Read more »