Author: Ian Mckay

Banknotes and Football in the Dark

I attended the FA Cup match between Leicester and Watford. The floodlights failed for several minutes in the second half and the illumination from mobile phones was a ‘son et lumiere’ sight to behold. Sometimes you can search for a note a long time and then you find it listed at an auction or on… Read more »

The Squirrels, the Bird Feeder and British Banknotes

In my garden I have a squirrel-proof bird feeder. It’s the only one that has managed to outwit the grey pest who used to find a way into my previous feeders. Now, there are some mighty sights from Blue Tits and Woodpeckers to Goldfinches and Chaffinches. It’s steady traffic on the feeder.  The banknote collection… Read more »

The Monastery, Beer, Banknotes and Honesty Box

Today, we travelled ten miles up the road to Mount St Bernard’s Monastery where the Trappist monks are renowned for superb pottery and now, beer! The Tynt Meadow ale is 7.4%, so it’s a strong brew in the Trappist tradition. Outside the shop is an Honesty Box where you can pay instead of going into… Read more »

A Winter Sun and British Banknotes

I love walking through one of our nearby parks on a frosty, winter morning. The watery sun is like a large disc on the near horizon, casting its light on the hoary frost that has ‘painted’ the grass white and pale. The beauty of the moment is beyond words. Perhaps finding a sought-after banknote for… Read more »

Is My Banknote of any Value or is it ‘Rubbish’?

The image is of a house just down the road. A footballer has moved out and the rubbish is piled high outside as renovations begin. Sometimes when clearing a house there may seem a lot of things to throw out but if you find banknotes…..hold on there! Even if they may seem tatty or ‘rubbish’… Read more »

British Banknotes and Path Less Trodden

‘Two paths diverged in a wood and I took the one less trodden. This made all the difference.’  It was Frost who mace these comments and how true. Collecting British banknotes may be seen by many as something a bid odd, but for the collector, the pursuit of quality notes is something beyond words. It… Read more »

Alice Hawkins, the Leicester Suffragette and Florence Nightingale

Alice Hawkins in 1907 was arrested and imprisoned, the first of five times in a period of several years. She campaigned for the right of women to be able to vote. She worked in the Boot and Shoe trade in Leicester and a statue was erected a few years ago in the Market Square to… Read more »

An Old Banger and an Old Banknote: Who is in Better Shape?

This car was ‘fished’ out of the lake near the park I walk round most days. It is a Qashqai that is now ‘Dead’ and not even an old banger. A banknote can be in a dreadful state, all soiled and torn, and  worth little even if ‘old’. An old banknote in good shape, well… Read more »

Operation Bernhard Peppiatt Banknotes – a Collection of Four Notes

I have just listed four Operation Bernhard Peppiatt notes: £50, £20, £10 and £5. What a brilliant collection to add to anyone’s English banknote albums. The prices of the Bernhard notes has rocketed these past twelve months and to be able to buy four, a collection, is a really brilliant and superb offer. With each… Read more »

British Banknote Seller and a Scottish Football Programme

I was brought up to support my local team, St Johnstone FC. Perth may not be the Mecca of football for most people but for St Johnstone supporters our ‘Fitba’ Team’ is in the blood and marrow of our souls. I have an advert for the banknotes in the programme for the whole season. I… Read more »