Beware of the Washers and Pressers

t20The washing of banknotes is not uncommon. They are washed by those who want to improve the grading. When you buy on ebay or at auction, this is not mentioned most times as the sellers are often not aware of the cleaning of the banknote. Some sellers, a small minority, are unscrupulous and wash to make more profit. Banknotes are often pressed to ‘iron out’ creases and improve the gradings. The T20 Bradbury illustrated is one I bought recently at auction. The note has been pressed lightly so it looks AEF but when help up to the light the pressing of the creaes can be seen. Thankfully, this fact was picked up by the seller and the note was sold not as AEF but as VF, a correct grading. If in doubt, ask a buyer if a note has been pressed or washed. It is your money that is spent when buying a note, so never be afraid to ask if you have any queries.