Losing Banknotes in the Post

Over the years I have posted thousands of notes successfully. Only occasionally did notes fail to arrive or get ‘lost’ in the post. Royal Mail has been good overall but over the past two months a number of notes have gone missing – all ‘signed for’. The tracking system is not all that effective. Also, the compensation of £50 maximum is disappointing. Now, I used the Registered Mail Service to ensure greater security and more compensation should notes go missing. Thankfully, this service has helped me track a Scottish banknote with a low serial number I posted to the USA. It has not arrived at the destination but is still in the point of arrival in the USA……two weeks. Thankfully, all the documentation is saved, especially the PO receipt. No doubt compensation will come eventually when I send off the form and documentation. I wonder if this is a common experience for other sellers and buyers?