Missing banknotes: Lost in the Post

In 2017 I bought and sold a goodly number of world and British Banknotes. I have always used Royal Mail and overall, satisfaction has been assured. However, over the past three months I have had four lots of banknotes go ‘missing’. Three have been within the UK and one overseas in the USA. Post to China, South America, and India has always reached its destination.

I have made the mistake of using ‘Signed For’ mail for the GB packages which contained notes worth a few hundred pounds. Compensation does not cover the cost. So now , all post over £50 is send ‘Registered Post’ to add security and ensure compensation is appropriate. While the expense of such postqage is high, the loss of valuable notes is even more! I wonder if my experience is shared by other banknote collectors? I have learned the lesson that secure postage costs money….more than a first class stamp.