Christmas Blessings, Food Banks and British Banknotes

Christmas was always a special time for me as a child growing up in the Scottish Highlands. In the church I would love to kneel before the crib that was illuminated by candles and to see the infant Jesus in the manger surrounded by the animals, Joseph and Mary. It was a night of wonder, and for us in those cold winter nights, Christmas heralded the truth that light shines in the dark and that there is hope for us all. Collecting banknotes seems a long way from those Highland days. Out world needs that light of faith and hope so much when we see the pain of Ukraine, Somalia, Iran, the Uighurs in China and those in our country who depend of Food Banks to survive. There were never Food Banks until a few years ago and now they are everywhere. The fact these exist is a shame on our government and those who accept the wealth divide that exists in our country. So much wealth is in the hands of so few and the impression is that those in power seem to think they can do what they wish with no comebacks. To have a more just and equitable society is always within our reach and is a possibility for us all. May all of you have a peaceful Christmas with your families and may the light of Christ always be in our hearts and lives.