Dubrovnik, Game of Thrones, Bagpipes and Banknotes

Last week in Dubrovnik the crowds of people visiting the Old city each day were enormous. It was packed with Game of Thrones addicts, Cruise Ship passengers by the thousands and visitors like myself. There was hardly space to move at times. In the Rector’s Palace, in an art gallery there was no one but for an attendant. I saw a painting of a shepherd playing the Croatian bagpipes. As a Scot this took my interest and the attendant was happy to give me a history of the painting plus an insight into the ‘Homeland War’. We spoke for 15 minutes. just the two of us with the throngs of people surging by below in the square. It was a great experience. Sometimes it is worth breaking away from the crowd to find something with a ‘cachet’, just like a better quality banknote. It is worth taking time to find a banknote of quality than buying a whole load of cheaper notes…quality beats quantity!