Gary Lineker, Leicester City, Rishi Sunak, British Banknotes

I live in Leicester and am a season ticket holder for Leicester City. At present we are entering the miasma of relegation so things are not too good. The furore over Gary Lineker’s comments has been quite a feature these past days and I for sure, agree with Lineker 100%. It is utterly outrageous the current Home Secretary should state that he is comparing her actions to the Holocaust. 1930s Germany was not the Holocaust then. Lineker has shown courage and the support of so many people will result in a BBC backdown. Also, Rishi Sunak stating that  all wars end at the negotiating table is also wrong. He is no historian. WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Afghanistan, these wars did not end with negotiations. He has a poor grasp of history. Of course, this has nothing to do with banknotes but I thought to express my opinion on these two matters.