Liz, the BBC and Living on the Street

Today, my wife and met a homeless woman as we walked back home from Leicester Market. She used to work (freelance) for the BBC preparing Children’s programmes. She specialised in English and Maths. Her partner died eight months ago and she was unable to pay the bills and her rent, so, about three months ago she ended up homeless, on the street. She said she found it hard to cope when on her own and that living rough was being at the bottom of the pile. Her food comes from the nearby Sikh Temple where she is welcomed at the Langar, and ‘Rachel’s Table’ which is another service for homeless men and women. The tragedy of Liz and so many others is a world away from bankers’ bonuses and share dividends for the wealthy. To listen to and talk with the likes of Liz shows how vulnerable so many people are in our country. They are the underclass who mean little to those in power and by many other they are the feckless poor. What a tragedy to have so much of this in out cities.