Operation Bernhard – WW2 Banknote Forgeries

In 1942, SS Major Bernhard Kruger selected Jewish prisoners at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp to produce forged British Bank of England banknotes to finance German Intelligence Operations. The notes were produced until 1945 when the operation was moved to another camp. The Jewish prisoners who produced them survived the war when liberated at Ebensee Concentration Camp. Many of the forged notes were dumped, along with the presses, in the lakes at Toplitz and Grundisee. It is not known how many forgeries found their way into general circulation. These notes are now very collectible at auctions with prices reflecting the rarity of the notes. The quality of the notes is excellent and the higher value notes especially, are commanding good prices. They are great notes to add to any GB banknote collection. Have a look at the B243 £20 Operation Bernhard banknote listed.