£5 Clydesdale Bank – CL49a/b/c/d Burns Commemorative – 21st July 1996 (UNC) R/B(0) (1) (2) (3)0000081 – Very Low Serial Number


This is a fantastic collection, a full set of the Burns Commemorative notes. Some of these when issued were presented in folders. I have seen only one, funnily enough in Virginia USA. The serial numbers were lower and were the collector’s pride and joy. He had worked in a senior position in the Bank. Other low serial numbers appear to have been laminated but unsuccessfully. This two digit serial number on all four notes is exceedinly rare. I see a full set (three digits) being offered in a current auction for £380 plus 25% commission. This offer is utterly a one off for the Scottish collector. Rare, rare, rare. Free UK postage.

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