The Cost of Energy and Banknotes

Liz Truss tells us she is going to focus on tax cuts. For many millions this is meaningless twaddle. The concern of how we as families and individuals will pay our energy bills is a cause of extreme worry and the hopeless inability of our leaders to have a clear strategy in place is in marked contrast with so many of our European neighbours. It is shameful we are in this situation. To blame the Ukraine war and Putin is no answer. The longer the delay the less likely our country will be able to avoid a time of extreme deprivation for millions. Energy bosses with their hefty salaries will not worry about their own comforts. I doubt if Liz Truss will freeze in Downing Street. We are a wealthy country with the potential to address our energy needs but the current government and that of the previous PM, Boris Johnson, seem totally corrupt and venal and unable to understand what is coming down the tracks for a third of our population. Shame on you.