Banknote Dealers, Banknote Collectors, Hobby or Business?

I was an avid British banknote collector for many years and still buy to build up my own collection. Having surplus notes led me to sell them on ebay (faffa2793) and now I have my own British Banknotes website. Does this make me a dealer, a banknote dealer running a business? Does being a dealer in bank notes exclude someone from being a collector at the same time? Has the motive changed or am I still a banknote collector at heart and not a dealer?

The interest in building up a collection still obtains. There are gaps in the banknote collection that need to be filled. A banknote dealer has to make profits to survive but for me, there is another factor and that is helping other banknote collectors build up their collections. I try to offer prices that are less than the main players and will always discuss with potential buyers any way of reducing cost. (I have free GB postage) I am, perhaps, a ‘small fry’ dealer but I hope the service is the best possible for any buyers and that I can help others to build their own collections.cashier page