In Praise of Pam West and Other Banknote Sellers: Bedrock Banknotes

When I started collecting banknotes some years ago I had no idea of bank note grading, Bank of England Cashiers, First Runs, Banknote Errors, Debden Sets and World Banknotes. There is no doubt that Pam West’s ‘English Paper Money’ (EPM) has to be the vademecum, the essential companion for all British Banknote Collectors. At £20 it is money well spent. For me, EPM opened the eyes to the attraction of collecting notes and building up a good banknote collection. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

I have but a little knowledge of world banknotes. I recommend the website, ‘Bedrock Banknotes’ ( as a source of understanding and valuing world notes. Contact Kevin for advice. Also, his selection of notes is good. Finally, joining ithe International Banknote Society (IBNS) is a good idea as there are discussion forums on line and IBNS Chapter Meetings where other collectors of banknotes share their knowledge with others.

Collecting British Banknotes is a brilliant interest……..start now!