Scottish Banks, Banknotes & Currency

In 1695 the Bank of Scotland, by an Act of Parliament, had to prove its economic worth and durability on reputation alone. Its issue of banknotes had to create confidence in the value of its notes with no state backing. The reliability of Scottish banking and its independence is a testimony to its success. As in England, many banks flourished and printed bank notes. (Local Issues/Provincial Banknotes) Some banks lasted but a few years while others have endured. Scottish currency, banknotes and banking has an amazing history. I have attached an ‘Entire’ letter from 1823, addressed to the Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh. The Bank still exists and while we now live in a technological age, the old banknotesand letters all testify to the durability and strength of Scottish banking down through the years.

Tha notaichean banca na h-Alba sgoinneil agus iongantach