Provincial Banknotes: Pontefract Bank 1806: One Guinea Banknote

British Banking history dates back to the founding of the Bank of England in 1694. Since then, many local banks have flourished and been absorbed into the larger banks we know today. However, the local banks did produce many banknotes which are now very collectible. They reflect the local history of Britain, the growth of the industrial revolution and the development of currency, banknotes and investments.

An example of Provincial Banking is The Pontefract Bank which was established in 1801. The one guinea note from 1806 is from a time when George 3rd was the king of England. This note is a rarer one – Perfect, Seaton and Co’ – and is on offer. Buying a Provincial Banknote is not just having a piece of currency, it is ‘touching’ the history of an age long gone, but which laid the foundations of our banking history. pontefract ba