The Frank May £200 Banknote of 1893

A £200 banknote is a rare sight. This 1893 Frank May (Cashier) Bank of England bank note is NOT genuine. It is a copy, but if only it was the genuine currency and banknote of the day!!

May banknotes were issued several denominations including, £50, £200, £300, £500, £1000. Only a few exist and are in private banknote collections. Some Branch notes exist but are very rare. The white £5, £10 and £20 bank notes arealso  rare and command high prices. As yet, none of these notes are for sale on this web site…..but perhaps one day?????

The above copy is a lovely item…make an offer. It may not be genuine currency but for display and interest, it is a remarkable item. Imagin…a genuine £200 banknote in your collection. Perhaps a copy is the next best thing.