The Rarest of DEBDEN Banknotes: C168 ER50 000004

Collecting banknotes can lead a person on to ‘the path less travelled’. Debden Sets begain in 1990 and ended in 2002. They were limited edition banknotes with speical serial numbers, crowns, coins and with values from around £40 upwards. The C168 Debden set is rare. The on offer must be the rarest (or near so) as the serial number is ER50 000004. The collector of British banknotes can be drawn into the search for more rare notes….well look no further! This superb, boxed set is amazing. Beauty is in the eye of the behjolder but for the English bank note collector this C168 Debden set is the ‘pearl of great price’….mixing metaphors a bit! How special is this. How remarkable to have this set in perfect condition and offered fo sale. Don’t let this pass you by…..the road less travelled has led you to this page…Act now: The search is over.