St Johnstone Football Club Player Sponsored by British Banknote Seller

Born in Perth, Scotland, I was brought as a ‘Saintee’, a supporter of St Johnstone. Muirton Park saw glory days as well as grim times and the near disappearance of the Boys in Blue. We have been in the Scottish Premier League for several years and I remember¬† when we won the Scottish Cup for the first time in 2014. Heaven must be this!!! There with my family we enjoyed the best of days. This season British Banknote Seller will be sponsoring Liam Craig, a great midfielder for the Saints. His away strip is the one that will carry my hopes and dreams….no nightmares I hope.Keep your eye north of the border and follow the Saints in waht will be a challenging year against the likes of Celtic and Rangers (under the managment of Steven Gerard), Hearts and Hibs and all the others. Maybe this will be glory year when British Banknote Seller bask in the glory of great success.liam craig