Value British Banknotes. Sell the Banknotes. Avoid Hassle

I am happy to value and buy banknotes, collections of single notes.  I always offer what I consider to be a fair price. I make one offer and one only….none of this ‘Best Offer’  nonsense which I cannot abide. I buy to make a profit of around 15%. If you sell your notes through an Auction House you will be charged commission of between 15% to 24% (approx) plus VAT and sometimes with a ‘Handling Charge’ included. It can add up to around 33% of the selling price. I pay by Pay Pal or BACS. Straight transfer of funds with no commission and no hidden fees or charges. If you have no idea of the value of your notes, I am always pleased to help and advise. It is never a bother so I am but a phone call or an email away.