Leicester City v Bournemouth in Style

I am being entertained today by a friend who is celebrating his 73rd birthday at the King Power Stadium. The occasion is being marked by twelve of us sharing his day with a ‘Hospitality Package’ which includes a meal, the match and nibbles after the game. Fantastic. My celebration today is also the fact I… Read more »

I Wish I was a Millionaire

The recent DNW auction of British and Irish notes offered an amazing array of notes. The early cashiers, Nairne, May, Bowen , Newland….wonderful notes. Also, some great Treasury notes along with superb Replacements and First Runs. Such a fantastic catalogue to behold. I wish I could have bought the lot but alas, such fantasies exist… Read more »

1574 – Paper Money Siege of Leyden

I sold a ‘Marshale Hole’ note to a buyer in the USA. The note is a small card that was used during the Boer War in Matabeleland and authorised for use by Marshal Hole. The buyer is an authority on the use and creation of currency during sieges. The first use of paper money (instead… Read more »

I fell for a Banknote Scam

I received an order from the USA and the invoice told me a Bank Transfer was being completed. I posted the note (worth £363) by tracking mail as normal. I checked the bank account later only to find no money had come through. I emailed the buyer. ‘Emma Rose’ in New York only to find… Read more »

Value my British Banknotes

I am asked by many people to give a value to individual banknotes or collections. Quite often a collection can be ‘run of the mill’ with little value but sometimes a rarer replacement banknote, a first run or a Treasury banknote can be found amongst the collection. Please feel free to contact me to value… Read more »

British Banknotes and the New Allotment

I have two large allotments. One is an orchard that produces apples in abundance and the other supplies vegetables for our table. I have taken over the ‘jungle’ allotment next to the vegetable plot. The previous occupant was a shadowy figure only seen in the evenings. He died and it has taken over twenty of… Read more »

Who wants to be a millionaire?

While I cannot wave a magic wand and make you, and me, millionaires, the million serial number might be some compensation. The one listed on the website is very rare indeed. This B271 is mention by Pam West in her excellent outline of how the million serial number notes were produced. They are rare indeed… Read more »

A Scot who sells English Banknotes

Bidh mi a ‘cruinneachadh notaichean banca Beurla ach tha mo chridhe fhathast ann an Alba. Tha iarrtas mòr air na notaichean £ 100 Albannach air feadh an t-saoghail. Bidh mi a ‘dol a cheannach an uiread as urrainn dhomh nuair a thig mi gu tuath air a’ chrìch sa Ghiblean.

Scottish Banknotes

I have sold a good number of Clydesdale Bank notes recently – the £100 notes and the £50 notes have been very strong in demand. The interest in Scottish notes seems particularly attractive to buyers in China and the USA. Scottish banknotes are superb in the quality of design and the £100 notes in particular,… Read more »

Where can I sell old banknotes?

What can you do with old banknotes? Contact me for advice on what to do with old British banknotes. I can value them. I can offer to buy the bank notes. Old banknotes can be worth very little or the old banknotes can be valued at a decent price. Ring me on 0759 257 8096… Read more »